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My Name is Lavonne, and I am your Licensed Esthetician for all your skincare needs and desires. I have a passion and deep love for all things skin. I created Salix Skin to be a place where you do not have to choose between rest and relaxation, and progress. I aim to ensure you receive both during each session in the treatment room.

I am a firm believer that corrective skin treatments do not require stripping and breaking down of the skin. Instead, I focus on supporting, healing, and building up your skin's natural barrier with ample nourishment, while tackling your most challenging skin concerns. I love combining advanced modalities to give long term drastic results. I have advanced training in Oncology Esthetics, Integrative Esthetics, Multicultural skin, Dermaplaning, Plasma Infusion, Advanced Korean Correctives, and more.

I take an integrative approach during every treatment and incorporate various product lines and facial techniques from Spain, Korea, India and more. I am so grateful to each client that trusts me with their skin. 

Meet Lavonne

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